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There are a number of ways interested members of the public can be involved. Anyone can:
  • Review the latest study information at
  • Participate in the survey of New Orleans businesses via phone or email that will be launched in late spring.
  • Participate in a public meeting.
  • Give us your name and contact information as someone interested in participating in an in-depth interview or focus group.
  • Call the study hotline, provide online comments, or send an email or letter with input.
  • Provide comments on the draft report when it is distributed to the public in late 2017.
Keen Independent Research will analyze and incorporate this input into the final report.
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The City of New Orleans initiated the disparity study in January 2017. Keen Independent will complete a draft report in late 2017.

Public meetings

Public meetings took place on Thursday, October 5, 2017, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 pm and 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 pm at the Training, Resource, and Assistive-technology Center (TRAC), Oliver St. Pe’ Center, Room 101 on the University of New Orleans campus.

About the team

Judith W. Dangerfield serves as City of New Orleans contact for this study: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 504-658-4904.

An Oversight Committee of community stakeholders convenes quarterly to provide input on the disparity study. An Internal Working Group of City staff is also assisting the study.


Keen Independent Research leads the disparity study team. Keen Independent Research is an 18-person economic consulting firm that specializes in disparity studies. It has staff throughout the country, including New Orleans.

David Keen

David Keen a Principal of the firm, is leading the New Orleans Disparity Study. He is one of the nation’s leading disparity study consultants having directed more than 100 disparity studies since 1989 and has helped agencies successfully defend programs when challenged in court. David Keen has worked with cities and states, local government agencies, and colleges and universities throughout the country.

Annette Humm Keen

Annette Humm Keen, a Keen Independent Principal, will lead qualitative research for this study, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC). She served in this capacity on Keen Independent disparity studies for cities and states, local agencies and colleges and universities nationwide.

Leslie Parker

Leslie Parker, a Keen Independent staff member in its New Orleans office, will assist Mr. Keen on day-to-day client communications and project tasks. Ms. Parker has experience conducting research on local and national equity issues including for disparity studies.


A team of local and national disparity study team members join Keen Independent Research. Local subconsultants include:

Dr. Lee & Associates

Dr. Lee & Associates is a New Orleans-based research and consulting firm. Dr. Silas Lee III has more than 30 years of experience conducting research for a variety of public agencies. The firm specializes in research pertaining to social, educational, political and expert witness issues with expertise in equity-related studies and publications. Dr. Lee is a widely-recognized author and speaker on issues of race in New Orleans and beyond.

The Villavaso Group

The Villavaso Group, a New Orleans-based professional services consulting firm, has experience conducting data collection, equity research and community engagement. Timolynn Sumter and LaDonya Williams join Ms. Villavaso, firm Principal, in this effort. Both have experience in public relations and data analysis.

Spears Group

Spears Group is a New Orleans-based marketing firm. Cleveland Spears III, President and CEO, founded Spears Group in 2008. The firm specializes in public relations and outreach.

Lucas Díaz, Doctoral Fellow, Independent Consultant

Lucas Díaz, Doctoral Fellow, Independent Consultant, has an extensive background in public participation, civic engagement and strategic planning.
National team members include:

Abaci Research & Consulting

Abaci Research & Consulting, a Texas-based research and consulting firm led by Kim Stewart, has more than ten years of experience directing data collection and statistical analysis for more than 20 disparity studies. Customer Research International will be working with Abaci to conduct telephone interviews.

Holland & Knight

Holland & Knight, a multi-national law firm, serves as legal counsel for this study. Keith Wiener, Attorney, leads this effort for H&K. He has conducted disparity studies and related legal assignments since the 1980s. The firm regularly teams with Keen Independent on disparity studies nationwide.

Oversight Committee

The City of New Orleans extended an invitation to interested business owners, industry stakeholders and others to provide input regarding the study. The Oversight Committee includes representatives of minority- and women-owned firms, large prime contractors, trade associations and other industry stakeholders. The group meets quarterly.

Materials for meetings

Meeting materials for the Oversight Committee sessions will be posted on this website, as available.
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